Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fourth Lake, New York ... a little talk first.

Rob and his family have been going to the Adirondacks for eons. This is "his territory". His parents rent a camp at Holiday Shores near Eagle Bay on Fourth Lake every year the last week in July.

Rob's job has, what I think is, a horrible system for vacations. It goes on a seniority basis, which is great to a point. The "seniors" get to choose all their vacation weeks at once, which has led in most years past to no time for us in the summer or during school breaks. Well, Rob has finally moved his way up somewhat on the seniority list, and we have finally been able to start taking weeks in the summer. He has 3 weeks total vacation right now, and this summer in particular we were able to take 2 weeks in a row -- wow!

One of those weeks just happened to be the last week in July. So, of course, there was no question on where we were going that week.

Kathy (Rob's sister) and her husband, Bill, were also coming up. Bob & Marla (Rob's parents) rented a 3 bedroom/2 bath home this year. Our room had 2 queen beds. All we needed to bring was an inflatable twin mattress for one of the kids. I thought that having 2 baths in the place that our family of 5 would probably "take over" one bathroom and the other 4 would share the other bathroom. Yes, this is the first instance you will see that I am very, shall we say "particular" in what I like/dislike. I really like having a bathroom for just us. I hate sharing bathrooms. I know, I know -- don't say it. I'm a bathroom snob. But more on that later ... .

The Adirondacks has never really been my "thing". I grew up with my family going to the ocean every year. But it was important for me for Rob to be able to have this week. Plus I knew the kids would enjoy it. I actually was excited about going this year!

So Rob brought home lots of chips and dips to take up. I brought the makings of a Buffalo chicken wing dip. We had many other food items too. But the most important thing was the booze. Well, maybe not the most important, but it definitely rated up there. I bought 2 big jugs of Bacardi rum Bahama mama drinks and a pack of appletini shooters. We were ready to hit the road!


  1. I'm very excited about your new blog! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your trip.

  2. Great writing DM!! what are Appletini shooters? I`m thinking Jello shots. but i dont think thats right.

  3. Thanks Carissa!

    Carrie -- Appletini shooters are basically just shots of Appletinis in test tubes. Translation: top dollar for something I could have just made myself for less. But it was fun.