Monday, August 17, 2009

Fourth Lake here we come!

Rob had to work on Saturday. We waited until he got home and we got things packed up to go. We ended up leaving about 3:30 pm and planned on stopping in Forestport for dinner at the Buffalohead. It's been years since we've dined there. On the NYS Thruway eastbound we went. This kids saw the Turningstone Casino hotel with it's neon light flashing on top and thought it was cool. It was about 4:30 at this time and we were all starving.

I asked Rob if he wanted to forget about the Buffalohead and eat at Joel's Frontyard Steakhouse in Vernon. He immediately agreed, so we pulled on in. We were seated kinda sorta by a fireplace that, of course, was not on being summertime. The kids wanted me to take their pics, so I asked them to get together. But NO!!! They all wanted their own photo. Whatever. So individually I took all their pics.

Evan first. He actually wanted to pose like this. LOL

And then Alec...

... and last, but certainly not least, Brookie!

We had very good dinners. I got prime rib which was way too big, and the children's portions of chicken fingers were very large too. We had 2 take-home containers, and then we were on the road again.

Driving through Old Forge, the kids saw Enchanted Forest/Water Safari and said that looked cool. We told them we would not be going there as we were going to Virginia's Busch Gardens the following week. Remember that (insert eye roll here).

We pulled into Holiday Shores and found the rented house. It was a very nice duplex. I immediately had to "nest" by making the beds and putting all our clothes away. I placed all our bath items in the tub and medicine cabinet of what I thought would be "our" bathroom.

Yep, with everything done, it was time to relax and sip on a nice cold Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade.

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